Customer first—Born for customers, customers are all
  • Know who are your customers and listen to your customers because all work is done for customers.

  • Know how to create value for customers and keep adjusting relevant resources and process.

  • Understand why customers choose you other than your competitors and keep thinking how to better satisfy your customers than your competitors.

  • Understand how to better satisfy your customers and put it into practice.

  • Have a sense of advancement and insist on doing the best among all.

Customer first—Born for customers, customers are all

Team work—Gather all strength and go all out for the team's goal

  • Actively integrate into the team and become a reliable team member, willing to accept the help of colleagues, and cooperate with the team.

  • Fully participate in discussion before a decision is made and give full support after a decision is made.

  • Initiative to share business knowledge and experience and provide assistance to colleagues, good at resorting to the team to solve problems; co-growth of all team members is the key to team success.

  • Seek common points while reserving difference during work, good at discovering shining points of team members and actively praising and learning advantages of other people.

    Have a sense of ownership, influence the team in a positive manner, improve team spirit and atmosphere, and strive for common goals of the team.


Open innovation—Embrace changes, open innovation

  • Open mind to adapt to daily change of the company and make no complaints.

  • Rationally treat any change, fully communicate and sincerely cooperate.

  • In face of difficulties and setbacks, make active self-adjustment and positively influence other colleagues.

  • Initiate to create new methods, new concepts, new tools and new processes to enhance working efficiency and meet changing demand of the market and customers.

  • Create changes and bring breakthrough performance improvement.


Passionate and aggressive—to be an efficient struggler

  • Love your job, accept corporate culture and make no complaints.

  • Love the company and work with passion so that people around you can feel positive energy.

  • Keep self-motivation and work hard to improve business performance.

  • Never give up in case of difficulties and setbacks, keep seeking a breakthrough and achieve success.

  • Keep setting a higher target and keep transcending, make today’s best performance to be the minimum requirement for tomorrow.


Integrity and diligence—To be moral and able, honest and diligent

  • Be honest and faithful, make no falsify nor use power for personal gain, keep words consistent with deeds; only do work-related matters during work hours, make no repeated mistakes due to work failure.

  • Be brave to admit mistakes and take responsibility, objectively reflect problems, and strictly stop any action that harms the company's interests; adhere to finish today's business within today and follow necessary work processes.

  • Comply with professional ethics, keep learning and self-improvement, and do things in a results-oriented manner.

  • Be able to constantly implement all of the above criteria; follow but not rigidly stick to the workflow, make it simple and use small inputs to get more work achievements.

  • Respect and love the job, madly cling to the career and pursue it.