Metal Melting

Metal Casting is the process of making pieces by casting the melted material in a mold. The same ones that are elaborated in sand and clay due to the abundance of this material and also to the resistance that it has to the heat, even allowing the gases to be released to the environment and the metal not

The Foundry can be made in many ways, but all obey the principle described above, the process begins with the development of the model that is the piece you want to reproduce, usually made of wood or plaster, but when the production is en maze If the machine is made of “soft” metals such as aluminum, it is evident that it must be slightly larger than the piece that is to be manufactured since there are contractions of the metal when it is cooled, the provisions for gas evacuation, usually known as vents, are necessary. For more info go through Sheet Metal Forming Simulation.

Then we proceed to the manufacture of the sand matrix or mold which is started by compacting the sand around the model, when it is required to manufacture a piece that is hollow, a “male” must be provided, which is a substantial element placed in the matrix to that there does not enter the molten

Once the model and the two parts of the mold have been removed, this geometry is frequent in order to be able to remove the model, we proceed to the casting which is nothing else, that the pouring of liquid metal the matrix that has been built, then comes the cooling that it must be controlled so that no cracks or tensions appear in the formed part.